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Dr Josette Larrive, Ph.D. Nat.Sc.

Aromaterii Laboratory, specializing in dermotherapy research through scientific aromatherapy, puts forward an original, rigorous, and controlled method.

Josette Larrive, Ph.D. Nat.Sc., designer of the aromaterii® formulas and responsible for quality control, has made it her mission to share her passion by using medicinal and aromatic plants by their oily, volatile and fragrant principles alone to develop a range of medicinal treatments to improve or transmit well-being… or even fitness.

With a wealth of experience in the field, experience gathered from her clients during treatments at her clinic, Josette accurately measures the importance and the real need to offer products of remarkably high therapeutic value and safety for daily use.

An ancestral tradition adopted to modern methods in conceiving its products, by a judicious choice of selected aromatic plants and by a calculated dosage, to maximize their effectiveness.

The products manufactured by Aromaterii Labs are becoming the solution to the needs of an increasingly natural-oriented clientele looking for high-tech biomolecular hygiene products.

Aromaterii Laboratory is attentive to the needs of the consumer to meet her needs with natural and safe products.

Josette Larrivé, Ph.D., Nat.Sc., has developed an expertise that justifies the know-how that makes the products manufactured by Aromaterii Laboratory famous.

  • Main academic developments of Josette Larrivé Ph.D., Nat.Sc.
  • Graduate in naturotherapy
    Dr. Jean-claude Rodet, Ph.D. Scientific and Technical Director of the IIRHB school (International Homeopathic and Biotherapeutic Research Institute)
  • Complete cycle of training and development in pharmacology and aromatherapy.
    Free Faculty of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedicine of Paris, France.
    Professor, Pierre Franchomme, aromatologist, pharmacologist, author of aromatherapy exactly.
    Advanced Aromatherapy Therapy in Natural Medicine(Pharmacology, endocrinology, bacteriology).
  • Training and advanced training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied to Tuina.
    Teacher, Sylvie Chagnon, N.D., Bordeaux, France,
    Technical Director, Dr Yves Réquéna, Ph.D., Université Libre du Qi (France).
  • Université de Trois Rivières du Québec :
    Certification in Anatomy & Physiology. Through dissection in manual and practical work.
  • Doctoral thesis in Natural Sciences – Op. Hirudotherapy,
    Thesis mentored by Dr. Jean-Claude Rodet, Ph.D., thesis supervisor, Montréal, Québec.
    Thesis work appreciated by:
    • Dre. Patricia Germana, MD, Montreal, Quebec,
      Recognition for Canada.
    • Dr Jean-Pierre Willem, MD, Ch, France,
      Founder and Scientific Director, Free Faculty of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedicine of Paris.
      Recognition for Europe.
    • Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, N.D., Ph.D., M.D. (MA) Chancellor and Dean
      Rector at the University of Natural Medicine of Santa Fe, New-Mexico.
      Recognition for the United States.

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