Onction Nail -12ml

Ultimate ally to counter all mycoses, thanks to its comforting virtues.


Live it
Nail contributes to reduce mycosis of the nails and athlete’s foot.
Prevents mycosic infections.
Relieves itching, attenuate damaged and sallow nails.
Accelerates scarring and dries wounds.

Love it

  • Provides effective relief of fungal infections:
  • Nail (Feet and hands)
  • Hair
  • Skin

Compare it

  • Stops development:
    • Mycoses
    • Yeasts
    • Molds
  • Very safe
  • Very effective, if applied as recommended

Technical Sheet

Applied it

  • Apply by massaging on and under the nail.

(If going over the skin, wipe with a very clean cloth)

1 to 2 drops, 2 times a day

o Duration of treatment 4 to 12 weeks, if diligent in treatment

o Duration of treatment varies from person to person

o For longer treatments, a 1 week break is strongly recommended after 4 weeks of application

Additional Information
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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm
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